Dual screen mode maximize your convenience and efficiency of working
Dual screen IP phone is the flagship products in IP telephone in the 
world. 4.3 inch TFT color display enhance the visual image of your desktop .
innovative paperless BLF+BLA maximize your working efficiency ,
the crystal clear broadband voice ( meet TIA920 standard) bring you the 
revolutionary working experience

4.3 inch TFT color display enrich your colorful life

Visualized LCD for BLF maximize your working efficiency

Top level voice quality

Batch configure and deploy the phones with tools Under Windows OS
Based on Windows OS
No worry about compatibility with PBX platform
Easy to setup and manage the device

Dual core CPU is the guarantee of high quality IP phone

One core for instruction process and the other core for voice
decoding greatly improve the sound quality and make it possible
to run more complicated applications fluently.


Phone functions

Phone functions:
3 ways to make or receive call – handset/headset/hand-free speaker;
Support caller ID , auto answer , DND and call reject;
Support speed dial , redial , mute and call holding;
Support point to point calls via IP address and SIP URL;
Support 3 ways conference call;
Support call transfer( blinded transfer , attendant transfer and semi-attendant transfer);
Support call forward ( always forward , busy forward or no answer forward);
Support hotline and flexible dial plan configuration;
IP PBX function:
Anonymous Call, Anonymous Call Rejection;
Synchronization Message Waiting Indicator (MWI);
Voicemail , call recording;
Call on hold , call pick up;
Paging and intercom;                                             

Hardware Specification

2*400MHZ dual core MIPS processor(R4G\R4GW);
2*263MHZ dual core MIPS processor(R4\R4W)
4.3 inch 480*272 WQVGA 16,670,000 colors LCD display;
BLF screen: FFTN 376*96 pixels black and white LCD ;
45 keys including 14 programmable keys
Dual RJ45 10.100Mhz Ports(R4\R4W);
Dual RJ45 10.100.1000Mhz Ports(R4G\R4GW);
2 RJ9 ports ( for handset and headset);
1 RJ45 port for extension modules;
Power adapter AC 90-240V , DC 5V;
Standby power consumption <1W , working power consumption 2.5W;
Support PoE ( power over ethernet);
Support rainbow E and rainbow T extension modules;
Working temperature : -10 ℃– 50 ℃;
Working humid : 10%-95%                                                                                  

Network features

Support SIP V1(RFC2543), V2(RFC3261);
Support backup server;
Support proxy server and point to point connection;
Support IP/DHCP/PPPoE dial;
Support FTP/DHCP/PPPoE client;
Support Telnet/HTTP/HTTPS service;
Support SNTP protocol;
Support DNS SRV(RFC3263;
Support DNS client and buil-in NAT/DHCP service;
Support STUN;
Support 3 DTMF ways,RFC2833 and SIP INFO;
Support router and bride mode;
Logout on web GUI;                                                           

Software features

UI and WEB Support multiple language;
User friendly UI and WEB design;
Support contacts image display;
Support 400 contacts in phone book and 400 call history record;
Support dial assistant , match the number in smart ways;
Support black list;
Auto adjusted background light ;
Adjustable level of background light brigntness;
Press for a few seconds to edit programmable keys;                                              

Voice feature

Support HD voice codec L16G and G.722;
Support G.711a/u,G.726,G.729a/b,G.723,iLBC codes;
Support VAD(Voice Activity Detector) and CNG(conformation noise gain);
Support AJB ( auto Jit buffer) , AEC ( voice echo canceller) AGC ( voice gain control);
10 broadband rings and 2 customized rights by users;                                                                                                                                


Support 3 ways to manage the phones : Web GUI , phone keyboard and auto configuration in FTP/TFTP/HTTP/HTTPS/PnP;
Configuration wizard on web UI;
Support SNMP;


Support VLAN;
Support L2TP VPN;
Support 802.1X;
Support 2 different access levels- admin and user;
Support SRTP and HTTPS protocol ( client/server); 


Dimension of single unit (27x18.8x13.6);
Weight :1.5KG;
Packing size (37.0x 22.7 x 7.9)cm;
Preserve temperature -40 - -70℃;
Preserve humid level: 10-95%;      



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