4G SIP/VoLTE phones


A2SV-PW/D2SV-PW is an innovative 4G dual-mode telephone, which is applied to 4G environment and supports both standard SIP protocol and carrier VoLTE. It can not only use SIP protocol to deploy enterprise intranet number and PSTN fixed number, but also deploy carrier VoLTE mobile number, A2SV-PW's built-in 4G network port routing and 4G Wi-Fi hotspots allow users to access 3G/4G data networks while using voice. The VoLTE feature in A2SV-PW is not only compatible with the VoLTE voice and 2G voice from 4G operators , but also support the third part's interface management and support recording feature in server. Its SIP mode is not only compatible with common brands of Enterprise IP PBX and cloud IP PBX, but also supports the common functions of SIP phones.

A68LTE/A20LTE is a LTE IP phone with 6-32 SIP account applied in 4G network environment. It also supports wired network access and can be applied to IPv4 and IPv6 network environment. A68LTE/A20LTE 4G IP phone is a high-end 4G IP phone specially designed for industry users and sip operators. It pursues work efficiency with visual operation, and pursues user experience with gorgeous sound quality, super handsfree, exquisite details and innovative appearance. It has good compatibility and complete functions of "User, Network, Security, Deployment and Maintenance", It is the best choice of wireless IP voice solutions for industry users and sip operators.