IP intercom Solution


IP Intercom solution refers to a IP solution by using IP intercom terminals to coordinate with SIP system or use IP call to solve the requirements of intercom. Compared to the traditional intercom solution, IP intercom solution have many advantages on voice exchange / Voice quality/ deployment/ management/ security/scalability. Right now, traditional intercom tended to IP rapidly. ATCOM's IP intercom products offer a more powerful with high quality voice solution, meanwhile Wi-Fi intercom solutions solve the problem of pull a network cable to some place.

    Questions have to be considered when choosing IP intercom solution

1. Voice experience

Normally IP intercom will use speaker mode, at this point, hands-free voice volume, sound quality, anti-noise, echo cancellation capabilities are particularly important. ATCOM intercom products have outstanding performance on those aspects, 3W speakers make sure high volumes of ATCOM IP intercom products become possible.

2. System features

ATCOM IP Phone are compatible with many famous IP PBX, also with some systems which is based on open source like asterisk, Freeswitch, Trixbox. ATCOM phones also support point-to-point calling, like IP call. Simple application scenarios do not need to purchase system.

3. Working environment

Intercom terminals working at a complex environment, including outdoor and indoor. ATCOM intercom products are divided into indoor products and outdoor products, outdoor products have to meet the high temperature, dust-proof, moisture-proof work environment.

    Model recommendation

1. AD01PLUS provide two relays, able to configure the LED display status, external interface is standard interface which is very easy to assembling.CCTV manufactures can use AD01PLUS as the main control board for IP intercom and doorphone terminals.
2. A10AD/A11AD support full keyboard input, able to configure the LED display status. CCTV manufactures can use A10AD / A11AD as the main control board for IP intercom and broadcast terminals.

    Solution framework