Cloud Solution


Cloud VoIP solution refers to operator to provide enterprises with IP switching system services via internet, for solving their internal and external voice communication needs. Enterprise buying or rent those services from operators, including IP voice switching systems and IP phones, they don’t have to purchase system and terminals by themself, in order to save the cost of deployment and maintenance, meanwhile call bills. Now cloud platform enjoy great popularity in small and middle business market. Just like self-built VoIP solutions, cloud VoIP solution have to consider their needs based on cloud.

    A complete solution of cloud voice offered by ATCOM IP Phone

1. Internet access

Phone device have to fit the users' network environment, especially those users are unable to pull network cable. ATCOM phones provide three network access methods "Gigabit, Fast, Wi-Fi". ATCOM Wi-Fi series phones optimize the sip protocol according to the real-time voice and WiFi channel interference features, in order to improve the reliability of voice transmission when WiFi channel is interfered. ATCOM phone meet company’s business needs and solving the problem of network cabling at the same time. All the ATCOM IP Phone support Open VPN, provide a reliable connecting channel for cloud solution.

2. Auto-provision

Solve the problem of auto provisioning via internet become a key issue to cloud VoIP service, ATCOM IP Phone offer TR069 and MAC dual way for directing to server, provisioning the IP Phone device without unpacking the phone, saving the deployment cost in a large extent.

3. Operation and maintenance

It will be very hard to present at clients’office once there are some problem, there must be a way to remotely define the problem, in this case, ATCOM phone offer phone itself and PC port to capture, just for convenient the operation and maintenance of phone device.

4. Security

Cloud VoIP is based on the public data network, security requirements are much higher than private data networks. ATCOM phones provide encryption methods for deployment, signaling and voice. Especially ATCOM phone support a higher level encryption(ZRTP) to keep the safety of users voice data.

5. Compatibility between IP Phone and cloud PBX

ATCOM phones are compatible with many cloud platforms, certificated by Broadsoft from oversea, for domestic market platform like Wing Alliance, No. 1 Internet, Yunyi, Job Bao and Qingda Yuantong are all compatible with ATCOM IP Phone.

6. Quality control

For most of the clients from cloud platform are SME company, they have higher quality requirement than self-built system clients, otherwise the platform maintenance cost is high. ATCOM strictly in accordance with the requirements of production, all the phones are made of high quality materials, following the ISO9000 quality standards,All product from the material to the whole set have to go through 11 testing procedures, especially full inspection after production finished, This procedure put an end to the damage rates of out of the box and also controlling the product maintenance rate to 0.5% or less.

    Model recommendation

Enterprises have to match different telephone model to different position, which is based on the cost and working efficiency, ATCOM offer many models for different position requirements as followed:
1. One sip IP phone like A1X series(A10/A11/A10W/A16) is perfect for normal position which has fewer call needs .
2. Two sip phone like A2x Series(A20W/A21/A26) is perfect for normal position which has many call needs, A2X series support two sip, line keys also support call switch, call pick up, speed dial, BLF and other functions.
3. Four sip phone like A4X series is perfect for Management-class positions like CEO, secretary and operator, A4X series support four sip, line keys also support call switch, also working as BLF keys. 8 BLF button support many functions like call pick up , speed dial, call forwarding, conference call. Support wireless EHS wireless headset, liberate both hands and solve the mobile problem.
4. Six sip phone like A68X (A68/A68W) is perfect for president-class position, like CEO, secretary, Operator. A6X series support 6 sip account, there are 8 BLF buttons with LCD display, Once contact number surpass 8, screen are able to switch, maximum contacts reach to 20. Support EHS wireless headphones.
5. AET color screen expansion module is perfect for positions like CEO, secretary, operator, expanded up to three pages and support 44 BLF number in total.
6. HA11 single ear headset.
7. HA12 double ear headset.
8. EHS wireless headset adapter.

    Solution framework