Pre-sale issues

Pre-sale issues

1. Q: What is the difference between monochromatic IP Phone and colored LCD IP Phone?

A: Monochromatic IP Phone A1X, A2X, A4X, CT1X can support up to 8 calls, 5-way conference at the same time; Colored LCD IP Phone A48 and A68 can support up to 32 calls, 9-way conference at the same time, can be connected to colored LCD AET expansion module.

2. Q: How to distinguish between Wi-Fi and non-Wi-Fi phone?
A: From the appearance of the nameplate Wi-Fi phone with W and WAC, W supports 802.11g 2.4G band, WAC supports 802.11ac protocol 2.4G + 5G dual band. Wi-Fi settings can be detected from software, Wi-Fi can be configured on the first power-on of Wi-Fi phone.

3. Q: How to use the bridging function?

A: In the normal situation of the network, the LAN port of the phone connected to the network cable, another network cable connects the PC port of phone and the computer, computer and phone can be networked at the same time. This function can only be used under the network cable.

4. Q: Will Wi-Fi phones be unstable due to signal interference?

A: There will be more interference sources in the 2.4G band. In addition to the interference of the Wi-Fi channel itself, there are interference such as bluetooth, microwave ovens, and game controllers etc; 5G sources of interference will be less, the Wi-Fi channel itself has little interference. However, because of the small amount of voice data used, therefore, the impact on the voice call is relatively small when the interference occurs. If we deploy the phone and AP according to our company's deployment instructions of Wi-Fi phones, the stability will be better.

5. Q: How to choose the 2.4G and 5G band to deploy phones?

A: Compared with 2.4G, the advantage of 5G is that there are fewer interference sources, the disadvantage is that the signal decays very quickly, transmission distance not very far, so pure 5G band deployment costs will be higher, stability will be better; 2.4G deployment costs are lower, and the stability will be slightly worse than 5G. According to a large number of actual cases of use, in a single AP use environment, deploying 2.4G will be more flexible.
If we use our dual-band telephones while using dual-band AP, 5G band used in the place that’s closer to AP, 2.4G band used to far away from AP, you can get the best results.

   Technical support issues
Installation question:

1. Q: How to install the telephone?

A: The phone box comes with cable, bracket, handle and power supply (non-POE phone requires power adapter ), and A1X and A2X series phones support wall mounted.

2. Q: Poor PoE phone power supply

A: Need to confirm:
1, Does the switch support PoE?

2, Whether the phone is PoE phone?

3, Does other PoE phone work properly, if there is only one phone, please return back.

3. Q: The phone can not obtain the DHCP address.

A: Need to confirm:
1.Whether the phone is properly connected to the network cable
2.Whether switch opened the DHCP server
3.Manually set the static IP address is functioning properly

4.Switch on the VLAN, need to switch off the phone LLDP function.

4. Q: Wi-Fi signal is weak
A: Need to confirm:

1.Wi-Fi phones and routers before the barrier less than 100M;

2. Is there any other router to set the same SSID to prevent the phone automatically connect to the weak AP;

3. Is single Wi-Fi phone problem

5. Q: How to get the configuration after phone powered on?
A: You can get deployed phone profiles from the server when the phone powered on. There are two options: The first one: LAN
1.Download the custom server path from the phone web.
2.Turn on the DHCP server option 66
The second: wide area network
1.Deploy on ATCOM RPS website
2.Turn on PBX PNP deployment

For more details, please refer to the automatic provision documents.

Questions to use:
1. Q: Often intermittent when talking by Wi-Fi phone.

A: Are APs and telephones deployed in accordance with ATCOM Wi-Fi telephony deployment requirements?

2. Q: Can not register on the account
A: Need to confirm:
1.Check the network is normal, IP address obtained by the phone can ping or not
2.Check whether the phone account, password, server and port are consistent with the server
3.Test the other accounts within the server is normal or not
4.Check whether the page opens special configuration, such as DNS, outbound server

5. Test soft phone is normal or not.

3. Q: The phone can not dialing
A: Need to confirm:
1.Check whether the network is normal
2.Check the web page configuration, for example: open DND, not enable codec and so on
3.In the server does not support the case, select the peer to peer function, the phone is just fake registration

4.Test the other account on the server is normal or not, the account may have been occupied 

5.Test the softphone

6.Check the server configuration

4. Q: There was a sound problem during the call
A: Need to confirm:
1.Check whether the network is normal
2.Use IP dialing, confirm there is no problem with phone handle and hands-free listening
3.If it is public network account, please open STUN, such as
4.Check whether the phone has a special configuration, such as open SRTP, ZRTP and so on
5.Test the softphone is normal or not, if not, please check the server configuration

6.Using TCP account under Wi-Fi call

5. Q: How to check the phone IP address, software version and so on
A: There are two ways:
1.On the phone, press OK key (√), enter the state, press the key to pull down, you can view all the information of the phone.

2.On the phone webpage, you can see all information of phone in homepage.

6. Q: When the phone receives an abnormal call, how to deal with it?
A: Because there are many routers in the network, they are sent to many different places. When the sending address is wrong, the phone receives an abnormal call

Solution: Turn off the trusted server function.

7. Q: How to make a call in the case of non-registered account
A: In the same LAN, you can use IP dial-up,

How to use: Enter the IP address on the phone and dial it. For example: Dial IP, input 172 * 16 * 0 * 12 directly from the keyboard, and press the call-out key to call out.

8. Q: The ring tone from the headset

A: Modify the configuration on the webpage.

9. Q: How to set the security lock quickly

A: Long press the # key to lock the phone menu, the default password is 123

10. Q: How to restore the phone factory settings
A: There are four ways:
1.From the phone's advanced settings, enter the default password admin, press reset to factory default.

2.Restore the factory from a web page.

3.Long press the phone √ button to recall the factory function.

4.Press * and # keys while the phone powered on to resume factory settings.

11. Q: The phone web page can not be opened

1.Check whether there is any wrong in the network, please ping the phone IP address in the PC.

2.Check whether turn off http & https web page function in phone settings.

3.Check whether there is open packet capture function, in the latest 2.5 version of the black and white IP Phone to open the catch message, the software will turn off the page, you can turn off the phone.

4.Check if it is browser caching problem, clear browser history or change computer to test.

12. Q: Does it support expansion module, the maximum quantity of keys can be configured?

A: A41 can be connected RE black&white expansion,up to 3, total 48 buttons can be configured. A48 and A68 work with AET color LCD expansion, up to 5units.

13. Q: Whether support wireless headset?
A: A48 and A68 color LCD IP Phone support EHS headset.